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Playermon Moves to Next Stage, After a Successful Pre-IDO

Playermon is proud to inform the community about the successful Pre-IDO, and is set to move to the next stage. Playermon is an NFT project, which aims at transforming the benefits to the users by providing an avenue where game enthusiasts can play and earn tokens.

Playermon is a boundless NFT game where everyone can explore, battle, and earn in the universe using their favorite Playermons. The game will be accessible to everyone while offering creators, investors, and players an opportunity to generate income based on their performance and creativity.

Playermon Features

Playermon is integrated into the blockchain with an economic design that offers rewards to players for their contributions. Interestingly, it allows everyone to complete quests to gain rewards, build mini-games in the game’s planet, and complete different game modes to earn rewards. In addition, players can build space colonial bases, farm required gems, sell and lease NFT assets in the marketplace.

In every aspect, Playermon is unique, as traditional games cannot allow staking the governance token on planet pools or social interaction with other players. The game comes with a Tamagotchi-like experience that enables players to feed, bathe, and play their Playermons.

There are also plans to expand the game to use a turn-based card system, where all players must form a team of 3 Playermons. Tactically, a player can have an advantage over their opponent based on the placement of Playermons. Whoever wins gets rewarded with the SGEM token, whereas the Playermons gain experience during the story mode.

In the future, there will be an opportunity for players to express their creativity while selling and minting their own design game assets in the marketplace. Each player can design, own, and monetize their game assets on the platform.

The Playermons SGEM Token

The SGEM token is what powers the platform and allows players to get in-game services and items. Besides this, players can use the token to upgrade and breed Playermons; craft and upgrade items within the platform.

There is also an avenue to acquire SGEM through rewards completed in questsReward by defeating opponents and completing the missionsReward. The SGEM tokens come with a limited number of supplies, with a burning mechanism on each in-game activity and transaction. This will ensure there is no surplus in the game.

316VC Partnership

To ensure the project’s growth, the team recently went into collaboration with a venture capital company – 316VC. The purpose is to help fund, advice, and support.

The partnership is strategic as it will provide investment and advisory opportunities to help accelerate Playermon’s growth while bringing more exposure to the platform.

With a team that comprises professionals in blockchain technology, mathematics, and traditional finance, would help actualize the mission of Playermon.


Contact Name: Mit Go

Telegram: https://t.me/playermonofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/playermons

PR Partner: 316vc

Phone Number: +44845 519 8038

E-mail: mary@316vc.com


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316VC is an investment and advisory firm dedicated to seeking out early stage blockchain startups to help accelerate their growth whilst bringing exposure.