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MetaMall Launches On Solana Blockchain, Aims To Reward The Real Estate Industry

MetaMall is a powerful Solana-powered project that combines the power of NFTs, virtual reality, and blockchain technology. Today, the team behind MetaMall is pleased to announce the launch of its project to give realtors and real estate enthusiasts an opportunity to create and sell virtual malls as NFTs using the MALL token.

MALL is a utility token that’s used within the MetaMall metaverse. Among others, users can use MALL to pay for goods and services, pay for transaction fees, and also participate in the governance structure of the project.

MetaMall has 4 buzzwords; #Own, #Build, #Lease, and #Stake.

The Ownership Experience

Buyers or users can buy the VR malls to develop their own NFT real estates. You can buy these properties through the use of the MALL tokens to build ventures like food courts, shops for renting, marketplaces, arcades, or virtually anything that comes to your mind.

In fact, you can have your own game zones, streets, organize or host competitions and engage with friends. Ultimately, MetaMall opens up a world where everything is virtually possible with the click of a button.


You can also lease the properties within the MetaMall ecosystem to generate income. Those with limited resources will lease the virtual properties from you to conduct their businesses, and in turn, pay their rentage directly into your digital wallets.


The MALL token is a proof-of-stake type of token. Users can stake it for a specific period of time to generate revenue. The staked token is then used by the project developers to increase the inflow of VR experience buyers.

The Team

MetaMall parades a team of highly competent individuals. The team is led by Serge Gianchandani, a serial entrepreneur and blockchain expert. He happens to be the co-founder of the project. He has done and perfected numerous blockchain-related projects and has a successful track record.

Serge is being assisted by Sahan Ray, an IIT and IIM alumni who has led several projects to gain unicorn status. Ray has vast years of experience in blockchain technology and has successfully created multiple projects to disrupt the present-day financial models. There are other members of the team contributing their quotas to the development of the project.

Strategic Development

One of the key focus that MetaMall has is on the strategic partnership, in order to get the project achieve its potential quickest. And in doing so, MetaMall has moved into a major collaboration with 316VC, a highly reputed name in the venture capital field.

About MetaMall

MetaMall is a project that combines the cumulative powers of virtual reality, NFT and blockchain technology. MetaMall allows users to create and sell virtual skyscraper shopping malls as NFTs to buyers. Designed with architectural excellence, MetaMall delivers an immersive experience through cutting edge VR technology to visitors.

MetaMall is built on the Solana blockchain to facilitate fast transactions, scalability, and quick settlement, all in one spot.

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PR Partner: 316VC

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