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MetagamZ Launches the First VR Gaming Ecosystem

The MetagamZ team is pleased to announce the launching of its first Virtual Reality Ecosystem dedicated to gaming.

The team is building cutting edge Metaverse to assist game publishers with “a fully customizable VR environment to play games and generate revenues through Gaming and GameFi.”

“MetagamZ is a ‘Metaverse of Games’, an immersive Virtual World where game developers can build and launch games with a number of value added DeFi features.” Through the platform, the team will give the gaming community more value, support decentralization and transparency while focusing on user experience.

The platform opens the door for players and game publishers to monetize their skills and earn handsomely. Players can earn assets such as NFTs and other rewards while playing their favorite games on the MetagamZ metaverse while investors and other token holders can own virtual land and lease them for income generation.

Brands also have a channel through which they can gain more publicity by marketing their products and services through their own VR.

The MetagamZ team’s vision is to “build a virtual GameFi ecosystem that is comprehensive, immersive, efficient, and effective in connecting the whole crypto gaming economy, including game developers, publishers, gamers, and brands.”

Features of the Metagamz

The MetagamZ platform is built around some major components which are:

Gaming Metaverse

In the MetagamZ ecosystem, users can purchase virtual lands with real-life feel. They can also develop, sell, or trade the land with other gamers and users. Ownership security is guaranteed by recording all the transaction details on the secure, fraud-proof, and trustworthy blockchain.


Through MetagamZ, gamers and users can earn NFT items on the MetagamZ Marketplace. They can purchase land, buildings, and advertising spaces on the metaverse.

Gamers and VR developers can also create their collections and products and trade same with other users.

Brand Exposure

Via the platform, new and budding games can effortlessly market and advertise their products. Publishers can have a direct connection with the gaming community without dealing with a third-party marketing agency, thereby reducing marketing expenses.


The team designed a VR environment that will help in uniting thousands of games from diverse sources into a single product. In addition to helping with creating world-class gaming portfolios, it also presents a great opportunity to accelerate scaling than before.

316VC Partnership

In its plan for rapid growth for the project, the team recently went into partnership with a venture capital company – 316VC for the purpose of fundraising, advisory and support.

MetagamZ Vision

MetagamZ allows game publishers to attract more visitors with games they build on the platform by offering them customizable VR tools. The publishers can also select their lands and build their virtual reality world where they can promote their brands better.

MetagamZ will also allow game publishers to leverage the power of the latest technologies to embed their existing games into their virtual reality world, regardless of if they are 3D or regular games.

Game publishers can also monetize the numerous services on their VR world to generate income. This may include NFTs shop, paid gaming, advertisement, VR gaming events, and GameFi.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Metagamz1

Telegram: https://t.me/metagamz1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metagamz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/MetagamZ

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-elqprg1RgICgwFwrsGLaA

Media Details

Company Name: Metagamz1

Contact Name: Metagamz

Location: UK/London

Email: contact@metagamz.io

Website: https://metagamz.io

SOURCE: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/metagamz-launches-first-vr-gaming-151500476.html




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