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Katana Inu Launches On Ethereum Blockchain, To Commence Token Sale On December 18th

Katana Inu is an innovative play-to-earn NFT game built on the Ethereum blockchain for gamers to generate revenue. In a bid to enable access to the game, the team behind Katana Inu is pleased to announce to crypto gamers and to the public that its token sale and pre-sale will kickstart as follow:

● First sale: December 18th

● Community Sale: December 19th

● Ignition Paid Network: December 21st on Ignition Paid

● IDO Blue Zilla Platforms: December 23rd .

Katana Inu Token ($KATA)

Katana Inu has a token that’s built on the Ethereum blockchain, players can stake coins ($KATA) and generate passive income.

The token can also be used to pay for in-game assets and services. You can also earn money while playing the game and In-game rewards will be distributed to gamers. The $KATA token also has the following utilities:

● Staking in a liquidity pool in the future to enjoy price appreciation.

Katana Inu Features:

Katana Inu is a promising NFT game that rewards players for playing in their metaverse. In the game, you will compete and defeat other players to be declared a winner.


The team at Katana Inu aims to build top-end games with lots of buyable NFT assets. You can buy the NFT assets using the Katana Inu Token. Earnings from the NFT-Marketplace will be used for buy backs.

NFT Marketplace

Katana Inu has a user-friendly NFT marketplace where you can trade digital arts and in-game skins. The NFT marketplace on layer 2 solution is linked to the games to allow for fast and swift in-game transactions.

Staking & in-Game Rewards

Katana Inu lets you stake your tokens ($KATA) in a liquidity pool to generate revenue. Players will also be able to earn in-game rewards by playing the game.


● 6% – Advisors

● 5% – Liquidity

● 7% – Treasure

● 29% – Staking/In-Game Rewards

● 1% – Airdrop

● 6% – Marketing

● 25% – Team/Develop.

● 5% – Seed Sale

● 10% – Private Sale

● 6% – Public Sale

Team Members

Katana Inu parades a team of experienced and knowledgeable entrepreneurs from Germany, one of the hubs of technology. The team is led by Marwan H, the founder and CEO of the project. He is being assisted by Hamza S, who is the project’s CAO.

Other members of the team include Jason Min, the CTO, and Yezdan N, the project marketing manager.

Strategic Goals

Boasting an impressive list of strategic partners, Investors and Backers Katana Inu has secured the following:

Blue Zilla, 316VC, Master Ventures, IBC, Stakes capital, 2crazy, R-930, WeeHodl, Fish Dao, Vesperine Capital, Seed thrift, OIG, Calvert Drive Ventures, Skyman Ventures, New Tribe capital, LVT Capital LTD, Alpha and Crypto Capital.

About Katana Inu

Katana Inu is a play-to-earn battle royale NFT PC-game built on the Ethereum blockchain with an NFT marketplace. Kanaka Inu combines gaming and blockchain technology to drive innovation in the gaming ecosystem. The team will ensure that the project adds value to the already saturated crypto market.

Token holders will be able to sell their digital collectibles and assets on the NFT marketplace to earn real-world money. Katana Inu will be incorporated into the decentralized ecosystem via an NFT marketplace for digital arts; giving users the chance to convert skins into valuable NFTs. Users can deploy these NFT-Skins in the game to strengthen their character and build a formidable force or sell the assets on the NFT marketplace for Ethereum or Katana Inu Token.

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/katanainu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Katanainu-104918325117822

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katanainu

Telegram: https://www.t.me/katanainu

Media Details

Company Name: Chain Vision Games OU

PR Partner: 316VC

Location: Estonia

Email: support@katanainu.com

Website: https://katanainu.com/


316VC is an investment and advisory firm dedicated to seeking out early stage blockchain startups to help accelerate their growth whilst bringing exposure.