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Coinweb unveils its Cross-Chain Computation Platform

Coinweb, a new cross-chain platform has unveiled its unique platform that will see transactions take place across multiple blockchains. The team plans to unify blockchain, by closing the gaps between integrating new technical advances and solutions to the space. It intends to make the platform secure, fast, reliable, and solution-driven that will solve the biggest issues the current blockchain is facing.

Through the Coinweb platform, different blockchains can be integrated without affecting each other. For instance, blockchain 1 can have features such as interoperability and multi-chains, whereas another can have smart contracts and a crypto ecosystem. The platform is aimed at integrating these different blockchains into the Coinweb platform.

Coinweb features

According to Jürgen Thoelen, the Operations Director, “Coinweb’s approach allows a high degree of interoperability, enabling applications to utilize properties, functionality, and information from multiple chains.”

Coinweb will use the WebAssembly runtime environment, thereby making it easier to run uniform deployment through all blockchains. Furthermore, the platform provides parallel execution of smart contracts. He further emphasized how “the platform will link blockchain in a fully parallel process and unlocking potentials and collaborative blockchain use without any limitation.”

The Coinweb digital wallet is another unique feature that is available for everyone. Through the Coinweb technology, everyone can access the Coinweb architecture. Investors can trade token using integrated traditional banking options such as Sepa, Swift, MasterCard, Visa, and more. Although still in its infancy stage, the digital wallet will allow users to buy, store, and send cryptocurrency pairs to anyone.

Token distribution and offerings

The Coinweb token (CWEB) is another unique opportunity. Andrew Chilcott, the CFO of Coinweb, indicated that a total of 7,680,000,000 CWEB will be available with 38% reserved for the company, 22% for mining, 14% for the team and advisors, whereas 10% will be available for sales. Furthermore, the strategic partners and seed round will get 9% and 6% respectively.

Strategic Partnership

Coinweb team set sights on pushing itself to major heights, and in doing so, it comes with the move of strategic partenrships. Starting with a renowned name of venture capital industry – 316VC.

About Coinweb

Coinweb is a cross-chain computational platform that strives to fix the biggest issues the blockchain is facing. It tends to make blockchain technology more collaborative, connected, and accessible to everyone. The platform is designed to be a secured, fast, and reliable solution that will run on Coinweb’s Inchain architecture.

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