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Asva Finance Launches On Web 3.0, Aims To Automates Yield Farming

Despite the several innovative solutions proposed by developers, the mainstream audience is yet to fully adopt decentralized finance (DeFi). One stain on the grand vision of DeFi is the lack of interoperability. Snail-paced transactions and skyrocketing gas fees spell trouble for top blockchains. As such, users are on the lookout for more alternatives.

Asva Finance is a multi-chain solution that automates and optimizes yield farming strategies. With Asva Finance, users will not have to scout for yields and efficient protocols. The team at Asva Finance has also signed a partnership deal with 316VC, a leading investment and advisory firm. 316VC helps startups to scale their growth and also expose them to the trends in their target industry.

$ASVA Token

Asva Finance has a native token with the symbol “$ASVA.” The token plays an important role on all Asva platforms by improving transactions, governance, and enabling investors to generate revenue. $ASVA has different use cases, including

● Transaction fees: Users can use $ASVA to pay for transaction fees when they purchase goods or services on the Asva Finance protocol.

● Staking Incentives: Any investor that participates in staking will be rewarded with the $ASVA token. Investors will enjoy price appreciation when the project gains momentum in the coming weeks.

● Farming Incentives: Liquidity providers will be able to farm the $ASVA token and earn massive rewards for their efforts and loyalty.

● Governance: Token holders will have the right to vote and be voted for. The right to vote includes contributing to the development of the project.

$ASVA has been audited by Quillhas to ensure compliance with laid down rules and regulations.


Investors can stake their $ASVA token to earn APY. Staking is the process of locking your tokens in a liquidity pool for a specific period of time to earn interest.

Based on the staking terms and the duration, Asva Finance will give you access to listed IDO allocations. However, the number of tokens stakes will be used to determine the tier level allotted.

About Asva Finance

Asva Finance is a multi-chain decentralized finance aggregator that offers lending, investing, borrowing, and portfolio management to different categories of investors. The project routes the best yields on the financial market using premium DeFi protocols. Asva is also a one-stop DeFi station that manages all your DeFi activities. It lets you take your decentralized finance game to the next level with the best yields and prices.

Asva Finance is built on the Web 3.0 blockchain where there are other big projects like Polkadot, Polygon, BSC, and Solana. Asva Finance is developed by Asva Labs, a leading platform to deploy interoperable applications for NFT, decentralized finance, as well as other metaverse sectors.

Social Media Contacts

Telegram: https://t.me/asvafinance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/asvafinance

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asvalabs

Medium: https://asvafinance.medium.com/

Media contact

Company: Asva Finance

PR Partner: 316VC


Website: https://asva.finance/




316VC is an investment and advisory firm dedicated to seeking out early stage blockchain startups to help accelerate their growth whilst bringing exposure.