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Affyn Creates a Play-to-Earn Metaverse, Aims To Revolutionize The Gaming Industry

Affyn is pleased to introduce its Metaverse. Online gaming has come a long way. This multi-billion dollar industry has become a great part of people’s lives. Unfortunately, gamers have no ownership of in-game assets and have limited abilities to trade their purchased items.

In a bid to resolve these challenges so that gamers can adopt the play-to-earn model, the team at Affyn comes up with its Metaverse. Affyn builds the metaverse on the Polygon blockchain, a network that integrates both real and virtual worlds.

Affyn Features

Affyn rewards players through the play-to-earn model. As users play the game, they will earn in-game assets, which one can convert to real-world money at their own discretion.

Sustainable Game Economy

The team at Affyn has a solution to maintain the growing gaming ecosystem and also reward players for their efforts and loyalty. Affyn is one of the pioneers of the mobile play-to-earn model.

Real World Token Utility

Players or token holders will not have to convert their tokens to real-world money before spending in the real world. Affyn offers special rights and privileges to token holders who pay for goods and services using FYN.

Strategic partnerships

While Affyn Team continuously aims at development, one major highlight is the partnership with a highly renowned venture capital firm, 316VC, with aim to drive further momentum for the project.


Affyn parades a team of respected and experienced blockchain experts with vast years of experience. Led by Lucaz Lee, who’s the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the project. Lucaz boasts of more than 9 years’ experience and has an international reputation handling blockchain-related projects.

Other members of the team include Christina Yip, the Chief Marketing Officer, Dennis Wan, the Chief Development Officer, Franklin Chuah, the Chief Technology Officer, and Calvin Tee, the project’s Game Director.

About Affyn

Affyn is a blockchain-powered metaverse with a digital layer that’s mapped to the real world where gaming enthusiasts can play, explore, and participate in different activities based on their geo-location. Affyn intends to bring people closer in one metaverse where the real and virtual world converge, empowering different communities through player-owned assets and cross world token utility.

Affyn proposes to solve all the existing issues in the gamified ecosystem and empower gamers with the ability to earn real-world money from NFTs collected in-game. In-game assets are tradable through the FYN tokens. Players can also decide to keep the assets in the Affyn ecosystem or trade them to make real-world money.

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316VC is an investment and advisory firm dedicated to seeking out early stage blockchain startups to help accelerate their growth whilst bringing exposure.