316VC Update

3 min readSep 5, 2023


April 2023

Avatar Update

Over the past year, we have worked restlessly on completing our 3D avatar. We annouced our ready to go product and gave exciting snippets into our 3D avatars.

The anime theme NFT have performed well with the likes of Azuki at the forefront. We took it a step further by creating the first fully completed 3D anime characters built in Unreal Engine with each character designed with unparalleled precision by an impressive team of artists who have worked on Horizon, Assassin Creed and many other AAA games. With the conclusion that the market is not yet ready, we are holding off till a suitable time to launch the avatars.

New Chief Executive Officer

With the resignation of our previous CEO came the appointment of our new CEO — Yemi Adewunmi who has hit the ground running by ensuring the smooth transition to the new management.

May 2023

Due Diligence Committee

We developed our due diligence committee from within members of our community who now work closely with members of the team to conduct their due diligence on the investment opportunities. The investment committee review the expert due diligence report, assess the potential return on investment, and determine the level of risk. They make recommendations on whether the investment opportunity meets the necessary criteria.

Senior Partnership Consultant

We announced the appointment of Ily Pelinski Carmona as a Senior Partnership Consultant for 316VC.
Ily has taken the lead on our Expert Due Diligence process which entails engaging professionals in relevant fields and direct advisors of 316VC to conduct due diligence on investment opportunities. He also works collaboratively with our Due Diligence Committee .

Non Executive Board

Following a month of extensive shortlisting and interviewing, we were successful in recruiting our Non Executive Directors who will provide an additional layer of governance to the 316VC team.
They come for backgrounds ranging from legal, finance, operational and marketing.

Jessica Mills — a highly regarded figure in governance and has made her mark by driving substantial growth and transforming brand perceptions as the former Chief Governance Officer for two successful businesses.

Michael Easton many hats which include Chief People Officer | HR Director | VPHR | Fractional CPO | NED | Global Transformation and Change Leader.

Donna Chapman has a wealth of experience as CEO, MD, NED, Business Developments, Commercial & HR Directorship roles working across the UK, Europe, America, Middle East, Australia and Asia Pacific.

David Devia — With 6+ years of experience in the FinTech industry, David has a proven track record of success in developing and executing marketing campaigns that have resulted in significant growth.

June 2023

We announced our partnership with blockchain council who will provide courses to our community at a discounted rate of 15% across all courses. We look forward to commissioning courses in our Metaverse Space in the future.

July 2023

The team were busy behind the scenes developing strategic partnerships that will further strengthen our investment abilities and thus we are pleased to announce new partnerships with CLS and G-20 who will work in synergy with us to provide top tier market making services to the projects we invest in, this will ensure better launches and price action as long as the projects work hand im hand with the teams at CLS and G-20.

Looking Forward

We are in the process of trying to recruit a community manager to our team to increase community engagement on a daily basis, improve on our response time to daily queries whilst managing all aspect of 316VC’s social media platforms.

We have identified a marketing individual who will help turbo charge our marketing strategy, boost awareness, engage in face-to face networking and events and expand our community.

Media Details

Company Name: 316VC

Contact Name: M.Smith

Email: contact@316vc.com

Website: https://www.316vc.com/the-mic/




316VC is an investment and advisory firm dedicated to seeking out early stage blockchain startups to help accelerate their growth whilst bringing exposure.