2 min readApr 7, 2023

As the market shows signs of improvement, we have been working on how we can get the momentum going once again but more importantly how we can do things differently.

We have learnt that our environment is rapidly changing and highly unstable so a different approach is required.

Going forward we are proposing an adaptive and more inclusive environment, one not only where we are more engaged as a team but a more inclusive community where member’s voices can be heard.

We want to create a community where members can voice outlandish ideas and have a say. We are currently working on protocols for our Governance system which will lead to a more decentralised process in which our community members can chose to participate.

The question “what can we do that is different?” has been at the forefront of our decisions, which has led us to implement some changes, including an updated due diligence process for the community which involves various levels including a community committee.

As we gain momentum, we would be announcing some new and exciting partnerships, projects and regular updates.

Avatar Update

Over the past year, we have worked restlessly in completing our 3D avatar. We are proud to say we have a product that we as a community will be proud of and the web3 community will be excited about.

The anime theme NFT have performed well with the likes of Azuki at the forefront. We are taking it a step further, creating the first fully completed 3D anime characters built in Unreal Engine.

Each character is designed with unparalleled precision by an impressive team of artists who have worked on Horizon, Assassin Creed and many other AAA games. With the conclusion that the market is not yet ready, we are holding off till a suitable time to launch the avatars.

Here is a sneak peak below

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