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Following weeks of shortlisting over 60 candidates and interviewing, we are pleased to annouce the appointment of our Non-Executive Directors who will provide a layer of governance for 316VC leadership. They come from backgrounds ranging from legal, finance, operational and marketing.

David Devia will also take on the dual role of Marketing Director for 316VC and will spearhead the marketing arm of 316VC which will ultimately bring value to our community.

Jessica Mills

Jessica is a highly regarded figure in governance and has made her mark by driving substantial growth and transforming brand perceptions as the former Chief Governance Officer for two successful businesses. Her entrepreneurial prowess is displayed in assembling Boardify, a pioneering enterprise offering tailored governance solutions for SMEs. Equally, her commitment to ethical business practices shines through Bona Fide, a charity she founded that champions ethical standards. Specialising in legal and financial governance and with a diverse portfolio extending to finance, technology, education, and academia, Jessica now devotes her vast experience and strategic insight to her company and other influential Non-Executive Director roles.


Michael Easton

Michael wears many hats which include Chief People Officer | HR Director | VPHR | Fractional CPO | NED | Global Transformation and Change Leader.

As a Non-Executive Director, he has vast experience working across Asia, Europe and the US, and has leveraged data to bring people together to make a difference in double digit growth and innovation across a range of organisations from start ups to PE backed and global matrix plcs. He specialises in organisational development & change, aligning people and business strategies, restructuring, outplacement, Mergers & Acquisition, post merger integration.


Donna Chapman

Donna has a wealth of experience as CEO, MD, NED, Business Developments, Commercial & HR Directorship roles working across the UK, Europe, America, Middle East, Australia and Asia Pacific. She has a proven track record of achieving exceptional business growth through a combination of strategic planning and the selection, development & coaching of high performance teams.


David Devia

With 6+ years of experience in the FinTech industry, David has a proven track record of success in developing and executing marketing campaigns that have resulted in significant growth. From branding to community growing, David now leads the marketing efforts for Babb, one of the first financial services app in the United Kingdom, Asia and Middle East with over 60,000 community members worldwide.


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