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316VC Announces Its Metaverse Investment Club and Blue Chip NFT, Transitions To The Metaverse

The team at 316VC, is pleased to announce its move into the Metaverse, as the very first venture capital firm providing an interactive and immersive investment experience.

“The MIC is our transition into the Metaverse as a private member club and represents the continued growth of our community,” the team said. The MIC has an innovative NFT card which users can utilize to engage in its ecosystem and packed with a world of benefits. Simply holding the NFTs provides member rewards in the form of profits quarterly from investments made by its treasury and a monthly share (33%) of its sales revenue on Opensea.

316VC has partnered with Netvrk a social virtual world and platform, to provide its members holding the MIC NFTs a virtual home. A space which THE MIC NFT holders can interact with and socialize whilst procuring investments in an interactive manner.

Whitelist for The MIC NFT is currently opened to 300 members of the public.

With only 2125 NFTs as total supply it’s a limited and exclusive investment club.

The MIC NFT Cards

The MIC NFT cards let users interact with the project’s ecosystem. Below are the different cards available to investors:


● Card quantity: 2,000 – 0.2 ETH

● Access to 50% of all private/seed round investments.

● 35% of deals allocation is reserved amongst holders.


● Card quantity: 50 – 5 ETH.

● This card gives access to 100% of all private/seed round investments.

● 40% of deals allocation is reserved equally amongst holders.


● Card quantity: 75 – 2 ETH.

● Kingdom cards give investors access to 100% of all private/seed round investments and voting rights

MIC NFT Utility

The MIC NFTs are packed with lots of exciting features, including the following:


20% of the Total NFT raise will be retained for Investment purposes and put into a treasury for projects voted on by the holders of THE MIC NFTs according to their voting rights.

OpenSea Passive Income

All Opensea sales incur a 7.5% fee, 33.3% of the fees accrued from re-sale whilst THE MIC NFTs change hands are distributed monthly to all holders.


The MIC NFT enjoys strategic partnerships. As a result, holders of the NFT membership cards will see product and service adoption.

NFT Mint Pass

The project has an NFT Mint Pass for a MIC NFT 3D Avatar. This mint pass are only issued to holders of the MIC NFT card with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

DeFi Mechanism

Every MIC NFT card can be staked to receive more 316VC tokens in the future. In fact, in the coming weeks, the full 316VC token utility will be released to the investing public.

Virtual Headquarter

The state of the art virtual headquarters the “Metaverse Investment lounge” will be designed by a concept artist and architecture firm thus creating a beautiful space limited only by imagination. A space which MIC NFT holders can interact with and socialize whilst procuring investments in an interactive manner.

Members will gain access to exclusive events within the Metaverse which provide holders of the NFTs various opportunities. There will also be a 1 of 1 316VC Yacht.

The Team

The MIC team is made up of eminent personalities, including blockchain experts and Fintech specialists. The team is led by J. Edwards, a Bitcoin investor and serial techpreneur. He is being assisted by L. Newton, the project’s CSO. Network has supervised over 20 strategic partnerships in the blockchain space.

Also in the team is A. Seiberlich, the project’s COO. Seiberlich is a full time crypto trader. He spends most of his time negotiating with CEOs to secure private and seed sale allocations for 316VC. Other members of the team include M. Ade-Smith (the project’s CIO), S. Chowdhury (the project’s Advisor), and DR. N. Newton (the project’s legal advisor).

About MIC

MIC is the acronym for the Metaverse Investment Club. It’s a new project and the transition of 316VC into the Metaverse as a private member club. 316VC is a leading investment and advisory firm that was created to help early stage blockchain companies gain momentum and scale their operations. Aside from offering strategic advice and guidance, 316VC also exposes startups to the nitty gritty of their industry through strategic partnerships with reputable international PR companies.

The MIC has an innovative NFT card which users can use to engage in its ecosystem. Each of the cards let you invest in the best and most rewarding blockchain startups during private and seed rounds. Thus, investors have the required room and resources to grow and realize their full potential. Compared to other groups, MIC NFTs are competitive in terms of access to seed/private rounds, with enter requirement pegged at 0.2 ETH.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/316VC

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/8XYq-1pYpTIwMmFk

Medium: https://medium.com/@316VC

Media Details

Company Name: 316VC

Contact Name: J. Edwards

Email: contact@316vc.com

Website: https://www.316vc.com/the-mic/


316VC is an investment and advisory firm dedicated to seeking out early stage blockchain startups to help accelerate their growth whilst bringing exposure.